Welcome to the Replicants Memorial Site

It is still in construction...

Dis site purpose is not to spread the games cracked by Reps. It is only for historical meaning.

To do list: put the intros files, link to pouet.net page for vote, history page and reps fans guestbook!

Visit for update :)

Greetings go to: Cooper, Keops/EQX, Brume, SHAZZ/MJJ Prods, Marcer for their help!

News & infos:

Replicants Members!
Message to all members of the Replicants. PLEASE CONTACT ME!

Some of you have already left a comment here. Really cool, but it would be great to leave me your email address.

Former members have already done and would be delighted to find their old friends!

Send a mail at laurent.fargues AT gmail.com
Posted on 2011 Sep 02 by admin
New intros!
Old intros by A-Team & Hofa were found .
More infos on the intros page
Posted on 2011 Mar 05 by admin
We are still here...
If you want to contact the admin:

laurent.fargues (at) laposte.net

or get in touch on Facebook!
Posted on 2011 Jan 28 by admin
Spam BASTARDS fucked away!
Sorry for all spams in guestbook. But I was too busy to make a humain verification. But as all people using Cutenews were also spammed, a great patch was made.

Now everything should be normal laughing
Posted on 2006 Apr 09 by Jace
Famous 5 & 7 Places des Marseillaises !

This is the *REAL* place! remember this adress in all Replicants Intros? This was the Zae/Next adress!
Posted on 2005 Jul 01 by Jace

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