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The Story began in july 1988. Two french crews - HOFA and A-TEAM -, and a swapper - Ninja wich was the only members of his crew, SHOGUN - decided to join forces to make the best cracking crew in France, THE REPLICANTS. This has been "celebrated" by an intro called "Booldy and Bluedy". The name Replicants has been found by Ninja/SHOGUN.

The goal was to create a major team like german ones. In this intro, you can read in the scrolltext that Replicants want to make a "professional" work. They speak about big crew or associations like UNION, BLADE RUNNERS, 42 CREW and so on...
At this moment, a lot of crew where present in France: S.T.C.S., ALPHA FLIGHT, M.C.S., V8, ... and the competition was rude :)

Their work was more and more brillant and in 1989, the REPLICANTS entered in the biggest cracking association, THE UNION.
They made an intro to tell it to the world !

In parallel, S.T.C.S, another great french cracking crew entered into BLADE RUNNERS association. The competition was going harder :)

At the release of THE UNION DEMO - wich was the first MEGADEMO on Atari ST-, they made a small and funny demo (coded by Excalibur), certainly the smallest one of all the megademo. But everybody knows that Replicants are not democoders, they are -simply- a crackers team.

For about one year, with this new recognition, they reached the top.

After this, some of the founders stopped their activities: majority of the old members of A-TEAM stopped, DOM - wich was with Snake and R.AL- one of the very productive crackers founded a sofware company -EUROSOFT-.

New members came from several groups, RatBoy - wich was the lead member of S.T.C.S.-, Illegal from EQUINOX.

Some other members moved to democrews, like Fury and Vicker to create LEGACY.

When several members of THE UNION created THALION software, THE UNION changed into "legal" activities -like demos :) - and Replicants, still making cracks, was in an unconfortable situation. So they decided to stop make mention to THE UNION. Parallely, THE UNION logo changed with the "cracking" word erased :D

THE REPLICANTS decided to make new association with other crews. THE MASTERS were born.In this association also, ST AMIGOS, a crew from the U.S.A..

During this years, a lot of demo crew -from the best to the smallest- made "cracktros" for THE REPLICANTS. This is the proof that they were on of the best crew on ATARI ST.

(To be continued)


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