Welcome to the Replicants Memorial Site

It is still in construction...

Dis site purpose is not to spread the games cracked by Reps. It is only for historical meaning.

To do list: put the intros files, link to pouet.net page for vote, history page and reps fans guestbook!

Visit for update :)

Greetings go to: Cooper, Keops/EQX, Brume, SHAZZ/MJJ Prods, Marcer for their help!

News & infos:

More titles have been added to the crack list.
Replicants releases seems to be more than i could ever imagine!
When i think, that this list cant be longer, it pops out from nowhere, another release from those guys.
Posted on 2005 Jun 08 by Marcer
Activity List updated to Beta 0.95
Cracklist have been finally updated. This list only grows bigger and bigger.
A little Reminder. This list is not based on Single Intros or such things.

Its based of full softs! So this is not a fake list or anything. I have proof for 100% smile

There is some double releases on some games. But i havent added them all to the list.. Maybe i will do that in the future..

// Marcer
Posted on 2005 May 06 by Marcer
News intros !
13 new intros! Thanx to Marcer and Shazz for sending them to me smile

The total is now up to 83! And I've got some others in my bag laughing
Posted on 2005 May 04 by Jace
Personnal message
Fury PLEASE contact us... Have to get some infos for the History page...
Posted on 2005 Apr 28 by Jace
6 new intros!
6 new intros added ! Thanx for Shazz/MJJ for searching in his archives... More to come, he told me tongue

In these intros, probably the first intro from HOFA ! Pure historical stuff!
Posted on 2005 Apr 15 by admin

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